Supporting Staff Service

TA, TSS, Tutor and other supporting staff are crucial to daily teaching operation. However, hiring a staff is troublesome and costs a lot: posting advertisement, selection, interview, drafting contract, training, MPF, employee compensation, severance payment and long service payment etc. These add a lot burden to the budget. Moreover, the time gap between getting a new staff is also headache to teachers.

Information Studio offers all-rounded supporting staff service. After understanding your requirements, we will send a well-fit employee to service. As the staff is under the employment of Information Studio, just a monthly fee and you will get rid of all the expenses above! Moreover, Information Studio offers comprehensive training to the supporting staff. Together with our strong backup support, you certainly would have a smooth operation!

Staff-exchange GUARANTEE!
Flexible Budget (we charge according to your budget! LetíŽs talk to us!)
Backup Support (Supporting staff can easily get support when they face difficulties)
No hidden cost!
FREE 3-hour seminar (suitable for teacher or parent. Topic? Your choice!)
FREE third party insurance (limited period!)