Mind Enlightenment Technology (MET)

Counseling, Game Therapy, Hypno-Therapy, and Psycho-Drama Therapy and so, are all ¡§reaction-based¡¨ methodologies. No matter what¡¦s the result, the client has already been suffered. Professional Trainer, Counselor, and Registered Social Worker from Information Studio spent two years to integrate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Counseling, Hypno-Therapy, Psycho-Drama Therapy, Game Therapy, Coaching, and Sensory Integration, developed a new technology ¡V Mind Enlightenment Technology (MET). MET is a ¡§Prevention-focus¡¨ methodology, focuses on body, mind, and spiritual development of child, helping client to re-structure internal order, positive coping mechanism building, emotion understanding, emotion releasing, and so on. Self discovery, growth and breakthrough are also key focus of MET.

MET is designed for 3 to 15 year-old-children. Child is suggested to have a MET training once a week, with game, role play, drama and the like activities in 1.5 hours. Besides standard weekly session, we also offer tailor-made module which fit the different constraints of resources and time schedules of schools.



MET Play Group

  • Positive coping mechanism building
  • Self awareness
  • Emotion awareness

MET Psycho-Drama Group

  • Self Discovery
  • Emotional Expression
  • Leadership
  • Positive coping mechanism building
  • Emotion awareness

MET Sensory Play Group

  • Sensory Integration Training and Development
  • Body-movement game

MET Memorizing Power

  • Picture Power
  • Story Power
  • Mind Map
  • LR-Brain Matching
  • 5-senses Power

MET Creative Power

  • Brain Gym
  • Mind Map
  • 5-Whys (Nokia¡¦s problem solving approach)
  • Creativity Game